New changes to IR35 are here

The responsibility to ensure that workforces are compliant now sits with the hiring business themselves. There is a lot more to think about regarding the ongoing IR35 legislation and the results could be costly if you get it wrong. To ensure you stay in control and your business is in the best financial and tax compliant position moving forward, you should consider whether your business decisions are suitable for the long term.

At Brookson, we saw a wave of panic and a rush to meet the April 6th deadline requiring hiring businesses to assess the IR35 status of flexible and temporary workforces. As a result, we’re concerned business owners haven’t had the chance to think about an efficient long-term solution.

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Specifically tailored for your business needs and the size of your of flexible workforce, our onsite audit provides you with a dedicated team of IR35 specialists who will work closely with your Hiring managers to review every role that you hire contractors for, helping you provide SDS’s for all of your workforce.


Designed to minimise day to day disruption in your office, our remote audit is tailored for your specific business needs and the size of your of flexible workforce. By uploading every role that needs auditing into our dedicated IR35 portal our team of IR35 specialists review every one individually, helping you provide SDS’s for all of your workforce.


We take the output from our contractor workforce audit to work with our hirer clients on putting in place policies, processes and structures, so that hirers and their agencies can work together compliantly and with the least impact upon resourcing and cost.


Issuing an SDS isn’t the only challenge you face, your contractors could challenge your SDS. Our challenge process can manage this for you, removing the administrative headache whilst we undertake another review taking into account any evidence produced by the contractor, giving you reassurance that you have met your legal obligation to respond to a challenge within the 45 day time-frame.