Getting IR35 Right for Everyone

You only have to look at recent IR35 cases to see that determining a worker’s IR35 status is more complex than a series of YES/NO questions delivered by an online algorithm and it’s clear this will present difficulties in meeting HMRC’s ‘Reasonable Care’ requirement. At Brookson Legal we don’t believe a mechanistic approach.

We are committed to taking a different approach – the one envisaged by HMRC – when we support our End Hirers with IR35. We have developed an online IR35 portal that is supported solely by legal professionals with over 20 year’s experience advising on IR35. Giving you the convenience of an online IR35 tool that collates information on all of your off-payroll contractors into one place and provides peace of mind that our IR35 specialists are reviewing contracts and considering your business practices, on a case by case basis, helping you meet your ‘Reasonable Care’ obligations.

IR35 Portal - Manage your roles in one place

Every role in one place
It can be hard to identify which roles in your business are subject to the off-payroll rules, something that is essential in preparation. Once gathered, our portal allows you to add and manage an unlimited number of roles, ensuring you have total transparency of your off-payroll workforce and can easily locate the status of that role with instant access to the SDS.

Track progress of your status reviews
To ensure you have visibility on how the audit process is progressing, you can monitor the progress of each role in the portal, giving you peace of mind that everything is being delivered on time and with the appropriate level of detail.

IR35 Portal - Track the status of your IR35 reviews

IR35 Portal - Access an SDS for each role

Status Determination Statement (“SDS”)
Once a role has been audited by our Specialist IR35 advisors, you will be able to easily access and download an SDS before issuing to the rest of the supply chain, ensuring you have met your obligation of passing this information onto the right people.

Track IR35 Challenges
It’s only question of when, not if, a flexible worker will challenge their IR35 Status. Our portal lets you log this challenge, triggering a second audit with our IR35 experts taking into account their reasons for a challenge, so you can meet your 45 day obligation.

IR35 Portal - Submit a challenge through the portal

IR35 Portal - How the audit process works

Meeting HMRC’s Reasonable Care
What makes our portal unique is that whilst you have the convenience of submitting information to us online, the IR35 Audit Process will still be completed by an IR35 Specialist. There is no automation or ‘‘algorithm’’ when it comes to the decision-making process, which thereby avoids the mechanistic approach to status determinations. You can be assured that an IR35 expert will review each role and take into account individual circumstances, instilling confidence in the determination reached and ensuring End-Hirers have met their reasonable care obligations.

Personalised IR35 templates tailored to your business practices
We understand some businesses hire a lot of flexible workers and completing the same questions for each role can slow managers down. If there are certain business practices common across the organisation, for example if the response to ‘Is the Contractor appraised or included as part of the Client’s performance management scheme?’ is always ‘No’, a template questionnaire can be produced which includes responses to questions that apply across the board – saving more time for managers and helping us issue an SDS quicker.

IR35 Portal - Create templates for specific business practices

IR35 Portal - Access to our Legal Team

Direct Access to Legal Professionals
If you are unsure about any questions or responses during the process of the audit, we will always be on hand to discuss this with you and once we have completed a review, we will arrange a call to discuss the outcome before publishing the Status Determination Statement.